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The Best and Worst Times to Install New Decks in Kansas City
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After spending all winter cooped inside, staring at a decrepit deck or under-developed yard, you might be impatient to install a new deck for your Kansas City home. But waiting for the first thaw to start construction could be a mistake. Keep reading to learn the best and worst times to install a new deck. Even if you’re an experienced DIYer, it’s worth consulting the professionals for embarking on an outdoor project. They can offer expert guidance about not only design and execution but scheduling.


You’re not the only one who spent the winter dreaming about cookouts and summer afternoons on a brand new deck. You might have a hard time even getting someone on the phone if you wait until the weather warms up before calling a Kansas City contractor about your backyard project.

Spring is the season when everyone realizes their current deck won’t survive another year of use. Or, they’re ready to upgrade their backyard for the summer of their dreams. Contrary to popular belief, spring is one of the worst times to install a new deck in Kansas City because of the high demand.


Waiting until the first rush of new-deck owners dies off to schedule your deck installation isn’t a bad idea. But starting a new outdoor project doesn’t mean your contractor will be able to complete it in a day or even a month. They likely have other projects lined up that they need to finish before breaking ground on your deck.

You won’t be able to use your yard while construction experts are building the deck, which might be a big compromise if you have kids out of school or dogs who depend on the yard for exercise. After you get a deck installed, it will still need fixtures, such as a barbecue, lighting, heaters, and landscaping to be finished. Starting a Kansas City deck project in the summer might mean you end up without your outdoor space for most of the season.


Demand for decks subsides during the fall, once kids are back in school and the days turn crisp rather than balmy. That means you can score immediate booking on an experienced contractor’s schedule.

The cooling temperatures might inspire you to include additional features you wouldn’t have thought of during the summer, such as built-in heaters or space for a fire feature. There are plenty of opportunities to use your deck throughout the autumn months, such as hosting tailgating or Halloween parties.


Winter may conjure visions of snowdrifts and freezing temperatures, but weather during the colder months is far more predictable - and drier - than during the spring and summer which experience afternoon storms and sudden rainfall.

Your plants and lawn are dormant as well, meaning the construction and installation won’t be as disruptive as in the spring and summer. While you may not be able to enjoy your new deck right away, your yard will return to life in the summer with minimal turmoil. The fall and winter are the best times for a new deck installation in Kansas City.

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