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Should you do a home remodel or sell in Kansas City?
March 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Should you do a home remodel or sell in Kansas City?

It’s normal to feel like your home is a little stale and ready for an update. When it comes to updating your home, the two solutions are to either sell or do a home remodel in Kansas City. At, we can help you decide which option is best for you.

Why do you want to upgrade?

Depending on how deep you go into a home remodel, it can feel like you’ve built yourself a completely new home. Are you looking to remodel because you want something fresh? Or are you remodeling because you simply want to update what you already have? If you want a home that’s completely new to you, it will be much easier to sell your home and move to a new one. However, you can give your home an easy update by installing modern cabinets, molding, and appliances. Even taking out a wall goes a long way to giving your home a modern floor plan. Know what exactly you’re looking for in your home while deciding to sell or remodel.

Which is cheaper?

The size of your remodel project can be a major deciding factor in your decision-making. A major overhaul could end up costing more than what you’ll pay to buy a home that has what you’re looking for. In contrast, giving your home a minor facelift can go a long way in providing a fresh, new look to your home and you could pay less than closing costs on a new home. Do a cost analysis to find out how much you’ll be paying either way.

Will you miss your home?

Home is where the heart is. You can get attached to where you live and not want to leave. Maybe your commute is just right, the kids are in great schools, and you love your neighborhood. This is completely normal so don’t feel bad if you’re perfectly happy where you live and don’t want to leave. A home remodel makes it easy to get what you’re looking for in a new home without losing the things you love about where you live now.

How’s the real estate market?

The real estate market can play a major role in your decision to remodel or sell. While you’re probably going to be moving within the area or somewhere nearby when looking for an upgrade, you might still end up paying more if the market isn’t right. Compare the price of your home to those of homes in the area you’re looking to buy. If the price isn’t right, consider remodeling.

Is the time right for your family?

If you have kids who are in school or you live in a great place relative to where you work, it might not be the right time to move. Yes, many kids change schools every year, but it’s not easy. Take into consideration how established your kids are in their schooling and extracurricular activities while making your decision. A remodel keeps you in the same place and allows your kids a level of continuity where they’re established.

In addition to where your family is now, consider where they’ll be in a few years. A costly remodel can eat into a college fund or your retirement if you haven’t planned ahead. Be aware of the current costs and any upcoming life events that you have.

What’s your timeline?

If your family is growing and you need more space but don’t feel like you have the time to build an addition, you might consider selling and moving. Although, it’s not uncommon for soon-to-be parents to build a nursery onto their home or convert an office into a baby’s bedroom in time for their new arrival. Whether you’re having a baby or not, consider the amount of time required to complete a remodel versus shopping for and buying a new home.


If you’re looking to do a home remodel in Kansas City, contact today. We’ll provide you with quality work and honest prices so you know exactly what you’re getting.