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Do Home Remodeling Contractors Need Permits in Kansas City, MO?
February 24, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Home remodeling contractors in Kansas City will help you obtain the necessary permits to work on your home.

When you’re planning a home remodel, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of transforming your space. You may be focusing on the finishes of your interior redesign without considering the minutiae of getting permits from city planning and development. We’ll answer the question of if you need city permits when remodeling a house in Kansas City, MO, and discuss why permits are necessary and how they protect you as a homeowner.

What remodeling work requires permits in Kansas City?

Not all remodeling work requires a building permit from the Department of City Planning and Development. Any new construction building or any work on your home’s systems, such as electrical and plumbing or heating and ventilation, requires a permit. These are the systems that you want to trust for years to come.

There’s a long list of remodeling work that doesn’t require a permit. Projects that don’t affect the home structure or the occupants’ safety don’t need city inspection. A few things you can safely do without filling out a building application include:

  • Build a deck that isn’t over 30 inches above the ground.
  • Replace siding on exterior walls.
  • Install or replace cabinets on interior walls.
  • Refinish or install new flooring.

The scope of the work planned determines whether your remodeling project requires a permit. An experienced Kansas City home remodeling contractor like PropertyPros knows the exact requirements and can provide guidance and insight.

How do you pull a permit for home remodeling work in Kansas City?

The process for pulling permits from the Department of City Planning and Development begins with your architect. You’ll need a copy of your home’s floor plans - with an architect’s seal - along with the planned changes to the structure. Those plans accompany your building application. Suppose you’re doing work on multiple systems in your home, such as electrical and plumbing. In that case, the electrician and plumber both have sections to fill out as well.

You submit the application, plans, and pay the fees and get the appropriate permits. When the work is complete, the city sends separate inspectors for each system, i.e., one for electrical, one for HVAC, etc.

You’ll have no issues during the inspections when an experienced home remodeling contractor in Kansas City, MO does the work.

Whose responsibility is it to pull permits for home remodeling work?

Working with an experienced licensed general contractor has myriad benefits; one of them is that they’ve been through the permit process hundreds of times before. They know what work requires proper permits or not. When you work with a contractor, they should be the ones to work with the municipal department to pull permits for the remodel.

A general contractor coordinates with the professionals working on your home’s systems, so you know with certainty that the work is up to code and will last for years.

The team at PropertyPros has been building new constructions and remodeling and repairing Kansas City homes for years. We’re familiar with the permit process and will always ensure your home remodel is legal and safe.

To work with a reliable home remodeling contractor in Kansas City, call PropertyPros for a free quote.

When you’re ready to remodel your home, work with a general contractor who’s been there before and knows the process from permits and plans to construction and inspection. PropertyPros is Kansas City’s local, experienced contractor for home building and remodeling.

We provide guidance and expertise wherever you are in your home remodeling process by connecting you with designers and architects we trust and provide you with a free quote for the project. Fill out our easy online form or call us with your questions, (816) 299-1133.