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How to Increase Accessibility with Custom Cabinets in Kansas City
May 12, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Disabled able to prepare food after installing custom cabinets in Kansas City.

With a disabled family member in the home, standard cabinetry is unlikely to meet everyone’s needs. Someone in a wheelchair or walker may not be able to move around in the kitchen’s constrained spaces, much less reach high-placed appliances.

For other Kansas City households that deal with this problem, the personalized cabinets we install at PropertyPros consistently make kitchens much more accessible for those with limited mobility.

Learn more about using custom cabinets in Kansas City to achieve the same in your home.

Adjust all work surfaces

Lowering work surfaces makes it easier for someone in a wheelchair to use the kitchen. In most cases, work surfaces are set at a height of 36 inches. Bringing that down just slightly to 34 inches can significantly increase comfort and functionality.

And, as far as width, 30 inches should be enough to make most surfaces easier to use when cooking.

These figures can give you an idea of what your kitchen might look like with more accessible cabinetry. But it’s important to take precise measurements for a more accurate picture.

Since your custom cabinets are going to be designed and crafted completely from scratch, there’s plenty of opportunity to personalize all adjustments.

Design your cabinets with use cases in mind

Luckily, your general contractor can guide you with defining your use cases and designing accordingly. But thinking about this beforehand is a good way to make sure the final design accounts for all the allowances you need.

For example, you might want to make sure that the easiest-to-reach cabinets are set aside for the most used items.

A lot depends on specific circumstances within your home and the person you’re making the kitchen more usable for.

Some wheelchair-friendly upgrades might make the kitchen a little less functional or convenient for everyone else. There’s a way to cater to everyone’s needs, though it costs a little more than ordinary cabinetry.

Electric-powered adjustable cabinets might be an option worth exploring for you. With this type, family members can raise or lower cabinets with press of a button, as suits them.

And going for this option is much easier with custom cabinets in Kansas City rather than mass-made ones. That’s because the various height levels and descending motion are also customized.

Align custom cabinets with the rest of the kitchen and your appliances

Things such as the location of your countertop dictate where you will place storage cabinets.

Generally, you’ll want to install appliances. But some, like the dishwasher, are easier to use in a wheelchair when they’re at least 6 to 8 inches above the floor.

To encourage ease of motion throughout the kitchen, it’s a good idea to rearrange for maximum knee and toe clearance. During your consultations, your contactor explains to you how it’s possible to downsize base cabinets with no loss in functionality.

Further, keep in mind that it’s most effective to make accessibility changes across all parts of the kitchen. So, where you currently have knobs, use looped cabinets instead for easier opening. Likewise, consider pull-out shelves and side-hinged doors for the same purpose.

Have a kitchen everyone can enjoy with accessible custom cabinets in Kansas City

PropertyPros can provide you with custom cabinets to make your kitchen a part of the home that the whole family can use easily. And we can do so with the attention to detail and rare affordability that customers with similar needs to you appreciate about us.

We’re a general contractor serving Kansas City, MO. Contact us today and get a free quote.