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Home Remodeling in Kansas City: 3 Basement Transformation Ideas
May 13, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Home Remodeling in Kansas City: 3 Basement Transformation Ideas

Walk into the average basement in Kansas City and you’ll see a haphazard storage area, a laundry room, or somewhere to dump the spare dryer and whatever else breaks down.

In other words, you see lost potential. The same might be true of your basement, which up to now may not have a defined purpose.

So, when thinking about home remodeling in Kansas City, the basement is surely the place that offers the most possibilities. At PropertyPros, we help basements transform into a space that adds value and functionality to homes.

Here are three ideas to think about for yours.

1. Turn it into a second living room

Making your basement a second living room gives you and the rest of the family somewhere new to unwind. More than a luxury, this might now be a necessity as perhaps the family’s gotten bigger or the kids have grown older.

You might be drawn to this idea because it’s one that turns the basement into somewhere everyone can enjoy. It can serve as a playroom for the kids while at the same time doubling as a place for grown-ups to relax.

There are some ways to build on this idea. For example, a projector and other light cinema touches make the space perfect for entertainment.

If you choose this option, just be sure to add soundproofing.

And give this idea special thought if you like to, say, host friends for the big game while being mindful of others in the house.

2. Transform your basement into a guestroom

When family and friends come out to visit, your current guestroom might be making things a little awkward. Of course, you try your best to be hospitable. But people simply feel more comfortable when they have decent space to themselves. And your basement offers plenty.

With all the space, you can add a kitchenette, a bathroom, and other amenities to make it a more self-contained living space.

That means guests can get to enjoy their time with you while having the independence they need to feel at home.

We recommend this idea because, if you’re so minded, it means you can generate more income from your home. As its own unit, your basement can be a rental that you list on different marketplaces such as AirBnB.

That’s not to mention that when your house effectively has two full residential areas, its value shoots up.

3. Make it a purpose-built laundry area

If you’re intent on having your basement as your laundry area, there’s a right way to do it with home remodelling in Kansas City. As of now, it may be disorganized and, like most others, even unfinished.

The first priority is getting it completely finished, which means no exposed pipes or undone floors.

Then, you can install fixtures that make it a true laundry area. Think about functional and creative storage, waterproof flooring, strong lighting, and even a new color scheme.

Depending on its size, it may even be possible to have different uses for your basement. So, as opposed to just using it for laundry, clever design can make it so that there are zones for other purposes.

Bring out your basement’s potential with home remodelling in Kansas City

PropertyPros provides Kansas City, MO with unmatched quality home remodelling at highly affordable prices. And we customize our work to give you a basement that truly lends something special to your home and gives you somewhere new to enjoy.

We can facilitate 0% financing if that helps to accommodate you.

Contact us today to set up your basement transformation.