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January 21, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Commercial builders in Missouris hard at work.

While they may not seem that different, commercial construction and residential construction are different animals completely. And, if you’re looking for a guide for commercial builders in Missouri, you came to the right place. Because, at Property Pros, we’re not just seasoned construction veterans. We’re authorities on everything construction.

Whether you’re looking for a guide for commercial construction because you’re used to working on residential projects, or because you’re completely new to the game, we have you covered with everything you need to know about commercial construction.

Here's our expert guide for commercial builders in Missouri!

The scale of your project

One thing essential for commercial builders in Missouri to be aware of is the scale of their project. It’s important to be realistic about it because it will help you plan accordingly to reach your targets on time, and it will enable you to allocate sufficient funds to the project. Personnel and materials vary from project to project, but the scale of your project will help you make key determinations:

  • Small-scale projects, like simple structural updates or building repairs, are typically less expensive and will require minimal personnel to execute.
  • Medium-scale projects typically include things like building restructures and property expansions. The primary difference is mostly the length of time, number of personnel, and overall cost these projects require to get the job done on time.
  • Large-scale projects require the General Contractor to start from nothing. This means there’s not a skeleton or existing building they’re improving on. Usually, these projects require an architect and developer to create a plan in line with their client’s targets. And, more importantly, these projects require more logistical planning, like land and zoning codes and permits.

Codes and permits

This is absolutely essential for commercial builders in Missouri to be aware of. When conducting commercial construction, you have to adhere to specific codes and acquire permits from the city or municipality where the structure will be built. These things vary from state to state, and they can even vary from city to city, so it’s important to do your research.

With commercial construction, you’ll need more permits and there will be more codes to be aware of than with residential projects. This is to ensure the more unique aspects of your project aren’t violating laws. For example, you might need to consider the safety of elevators or having space for parking. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so we highly recommend you do your research before beginning.


This is also imperative for commercial builders in Missouri to be aware of, especially if you’re transitioning from residential construction to commercial construction. Commercial construction requires much bigger and more expensive equipment. These include things like excavators, tower cranes, pavers, and telehandlers.

What makes it even more complicated is you need highly qualified personnel to operate these machines. They will often be more expensive, and you’ll have to seek out people with these specialized skills. Not planning ahead could put you behind schedule. But, most importantly, if you don’t budget appropriately, these expenses can definitely blindside you.

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These are the holy trinity of commercial construction for commercial builders in Missouri to be aware of. But you should know there’s so much more to commercial building than anyone could ever fit into a single blog post, or even a book. The nuances can seem overwhelming, but we’re here for you!

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