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A beginner’s guide to new construction in the Kansas City area
February 26, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Architect planning a new construction in the Kansas City area.

Building a home comes with endless options, customizations, and designs to choose from. The task of building your dream home, however, comes with decisions you may not be equipped with to handle on your own. Picking the right builder to work with can save you from many headaches throughout the process.

Here is your guide to new construction in the Kansas City area:

The pros and cons of building your own home

Because you start from scratch when building your home, the process comes with many pros and cons. Whether you design your own home or use the design plans from a model home, you have the option to pick the location. You get to choose the neighborhood, school district, and work commute, in whatever setting you and your family want.

The possibilities of your home design are nearly endless. You can choose the floor plan that works best for you, from the closets to the number of bathrooms. With a new home, you won’t have to worry about maintenance issues for many years.

Other pros of building your home include having updated technology and efficient, environmentally friendly features. Updated technology like eco-friendly heating and cooling systems can save you extra money in the long-run.

Building a home may not be ideal for everyone. In most cases, new home construction requires an initial investment upfront, from permit fees to some building costs. Unlike buying an already built home, the cost is not negotiable, because it’s based on the cost of materials used to build it. You’ll also want to factor in the cost of upgrades you may want to add to the build.

For potential homeowners looking to purchase a home quickly, new construction may not be the best option as they can take time to finish. The process includes design, permitting, site preparation, construction, and finishing work.

Designing your new construction

There are many things to consider and decisions to make when you design your home. Sources you can use to get your inspiration from may include magazines, online searches, tours of model homes, and local realty listings.

For your initial design, you’ll need to have a budget in mind with room for adjustments as things come up. In general, you should have an idea of what your layout needs to include, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and other features you want to have in your general floor plan.

You’ll work with your contractor on your final design plan. They will make sure you didn’t miss anything and can help you through the permit process. During this step, you will find your building lot and determine the placement of your home.

Choosing a home builder

The construction of your home can be done easily with the right contractors or custom home builders. Trusting their techniques, knowledge, and skills is important and will take the stress off your shoulders. Make sure to visit the construction site often to keep the communication open.

Good contractors should be reputable and have experience in the area you are building in. They work with a team of experts throughout each step and keep on schedule. Your home builder will work with men and women from all different trades, including:

  • Cabinetry workers
  • Drywallers
  • Electricians
  • Excavator
  • Exterior suppliers
  • Flooring experts
  • Framers
  • Masonry experts
  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Trim carpenters

Thinking about new construction?

If you are preparing to build a new construction in the Kansas City area, choose Property Pros to be your reputable builder. We are experienced in every step of a design and build project and work directly with architects and designers to make sure your home is built exactly how you envision it. We make sure projects are completed perfectly, within budget, and on time. Contact us today to take the first step in making your dream home a reality!